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Why I started SociaTaal

 created this Dutch school to make learning Dutch fun and efficient. I wanted to create a platform where you can find everything you need to become fluent in Dutch.
The goal of SociaTaal is to change from, boring traditional learning, to informal, fun, but still professional learning! We will mostly focus on the part of the language that we actually use in our daily life.
I'm excited to see you here, and I can't wait to see you making serious steps to fluency and actually enjoy learning! Tot snel!



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About Koen

Hallo iedereen! My name is Koen and I am born and raised in the Netherlands. I love to learn new languages as it is the best way to connect and a great excuse to meet new people. I currently speak Dutch, English, Swedish and learning Italian. I started teaching Dutch years ago, helping people from all over the world to become more confident with the language and reach their goals.

I wanted to create a one place to go where you can find all the materials and guidance you need to get fast and solid results in learning Dutch. I always keep improving the classes and the platform with the feedback I receive. This Dutch school will support and guide you along your learning journey.

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