Online Group Courses 🇳🇱

Want to start but you're not sure about you level?
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Interactive and well-structured

Interactive exercises in a logic structured way to make your learning process more efficient

Focus on speaking

We focus on what matters. During our live classes, we focus for 90% on speaking.

Small groups

Enough attention for each student. The group is between 4-8 students.

Certificate awards

After completing the course you get a certificate of completion.

How does it work?

The course is designed to have a super efficient and practical approach which makes it an very interactive way of learning.

The combination of self-study materials and group classes gives us the possibility to focus mainly on speaking during our group classes. With the private sessions and writing exercises we can really level up your Dutch in an efficient way.
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Nederlands Level 1

Complete beginner (A1+)
Tuesdays 19:30 - 21:30 CET
Starts March 5

Nederlands Level 2

Elementary (A1+)
Wednesdays 19:30 - 21:30 CET
Starts March 6

Nederlands Level 3

Pre-intermediate (A2-)
Thursdays 19:30 - 21:30 CET
Starts March 7

Nederlands Level 5

Intermediate (A2+)
Monday 19:30 - 21:30 CET
Starts March 4

The perfect mix of group classes with a private touch.

Group classes
  • 5 group classes
  • Focus on speaking
Private Sessions
  • Focus on things you struggle with

  • In-depth look at your writing exercises

Self-study materials
  • Professional, but also fun
  • Putting knowledge into practice
Your teacher

Koen Kleinstra

Nice to meet you! I'm a 25 year old teacher and language enthusiast living in and enjoying Amsterdam with all the beautiful things the city has to offer. I have over 5 years of teaching experience and have taught for other language schools as well.
Born and raised in the south of the Netherlands and understanding different dialects and pronunciations, I like to meet and help people to achieve their language goals! 🚀
Patrick Jones - Course author

Let's meet!

Free 1:1 online meeting
  • Ask all your questions about the course
  • Get a free level assessment (if needed)
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Charlotte about the courses

I highly recommend Koen as your Dutch teacher. To me, he is more than just a Dutch teacher but a motivational coach as well. His personalised courses are fun yet professional, the content and platform are structured, digestible and user-friendly and last but not least, he is a great pedagogue who is reliable, listens and adapts to each students' particular needs.

Learning a new language can be daunting but Koen breaks down those barriers by really going above and beyond to make sure that your learning experience is as smooth and unique as possible.

I also command him for knowing how to manage an online classroom, for knowing what to say and how to say it and for always being open to feedback so he can keep learning and improving his services alongside us.

João about the courses

Koen is an exceptional Dutch teacher. I appreciated his patience, encouragement, and the way he tailored each lesson. He shows passion while teaching and enables a safe environment to ask questions and ‘make mistakes’.

His guidance throughout the language course helped me gaining confidence in using the language. I truly felt that SociaTaal made a difference in my learning experience. I look forward to continuing my language journey with SociaTaal.
João M. 🇵🇹 | Nederlands Level 1, 2 | Google review

Junie about the courses

After completing two courses (Level 3-4) with Koen, I've noticed a significant improvement in my speaking skills. Koen is a patient teacher. In every class, he allows me the time to express my thoughts in Dutch and diligently corrects any mistakes I made. Since then, I've gained more confidence and courage to speak out, although it’s not always perfect. His self-study materials are also useful with various topics from daily to professional themes. These materials have not only enhanced my vocabulary but also deepened my understanding of grammar points. Overall, I appreciate Koen's teaching style and the effective learning experience he provides.
JUNIE N. 🇻🇳 | NEDERLANDS LEVEL 3, 4, 5 | Google review

Natasha about the courses

I have just registered for my third course with Koen and I continue with his classes because they offer the flexibility and the support I need to learn Dutch. Koen is a wonderful teacher - he explains the elements of the language in an easy to understand way, he is incredibly patient and he fosters a judgement-free atmosphere where it is ok to make mistakes in order to learn and grow. I would recommend SociaTaal to anyone looking to learn Dutch at any level!
Natasha B.🇺🇸 | Nederlands Level 1, 2 | Google review

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the duration of a group course?
A group course takes a total of 5 weeks. After these 5 weeks you have 1 week to complete the final exam.
Are there any extra costs?
No, there are no extra costs. The enrollment for a course is €289 and that includes everything you need.
Will I get a certificate?
Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.
Can I keep studying with SociaTaal after my course?
Yes you can! Participating in a course guarantees you a spot in the next level.
What do the levels mean?
SociaTaal’s course levels are linked to the Common European Framework of Reference
for languages (CEFR). This framework is a widely recognized framework that provides a
common basis for describing language proficiency levels. A Dutch course for complete
beginners goes from A0 to A1- level. At SociaTaal we simply call it: Nederlands level 1.

A1 | Beginner: Learners at this level can understand and use basic phrases,
introduce themselves, and have simple interactions in familiar contexts.
● A2 | Elementary: Learners can comprehend and communicate in routine situations
that involve simple, direct exchanges of information on familiar topics.
● B1 | Intermediate: At this level, learners can handle a range of everyday situations,
express opinions, and produce coherent texts on familiar subjects.
● B2 | Upper Intermediate: Learners have the ability to understand complex texts,
engage in discussions, and express themselves fluently and spontaneously on
various topics.
● C1 | Advanced: Learners can comprehend and produce advanced texts, engage in
debates, and communicate effectively in professional and academic settings.
● C2 | Proficient: This is the highest level of language proficiency, where learners
can understand virtually everything they hear or read, express themselves
fluently and accurately, and use the language effectively for professional and
academic purposes.
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