Private Dutch Courses

Walk through one of the course levels privately with more flexibility and 1 on 1 support.

What about private?

  • Get access to a course system where you can go through the detailed, well explained, interactive and engaging self-study materials.
  • Reach out to me outside of class time with any questions or support you need.
  • Get the flexibility you need by easily scheduling a class after going through the self-study materials.
  • In our class put everything we've learned in the module in to conversational practice. It's all about learn by doing.

Book an intake call

Book an intake call to get more information about the course and ask any questions you still might have. This call is free of any obligation.

Get access

Enroll and get access to the detailed and interactive self-study modules + out of classroom support.

Book a class

After finishing the self-study module you book your 1-on-1 class with me where we will focus on speaking and conversational exercises only.

New module opens

After the lesson a new module will open and you can start the new self-study module.
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Your teacher, Koen

Nice to meet you! I'm a 25 year old teacher living in and enjoying Amsterdam with all the beautiful things the city has to offer. I have over 5 years teaching experience and taught for other language schools as well.

Born and raised in the south of the Netherlands and understanding different dialects and pronunciations. I like to meet and help people to achieve their language goals! 🚀

What to expect?

  • Four detailed and interactive study modules
  • 6 hours of private teaching focussed on speaking (4x 1.5h)
  • Out of class room support
  • An end exam
  • A certificate of completion
Price: €389
This price includes everything you need to complete this course.
To enroll you have to book an intake call. For optimal progression, it's important to get to know your teacher and understand how the course is structured before you start.
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Looking for something custom? Contact me.

Book an intake call

100% free of any obligations.
  • Experience the way of teaching
  • See how the course is structured
  • Get a taste of all the materials we will use
  • Ask any other questions you have

What students say

I have been taken privates lessons with Koen for a number of months now and can definitely say it has been highly worth it. Koen is flexible and patient while also being detail oriented and making sure mistakes don’t go uncorrected. He provides a lot of applicable examples and spends extra time during lessons to fit personal needs or interests, even if it deviates from the lesson plan. I definitely have made way more progress with his guidance and would recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their Dutch skills.
Toen ik uit Brazilië terugkwam naar Nederland voelde ik me onzeker en bang om Nederlands te spreken met mensen.
Ik wilde graag een sociaal leven hebben maar mijn angst was groter dan mijn wens.
Dus besloot ik privĂ©les te nemen gericht op conversatie. Ik was heel gelukkig Koen te vinden. We deden 15 lessen van een uur met zelfstudie (huiswerk). 
Koen is aardig en flexibel, de lessen zijn ontspannen en de tijd vliegt! 
Ik kan zeggen dat ik me nu rustiger en zekerder voel omdat gesprekken beter vloeien en ik mezelf makkelijker kan uitdrukken.
Junia A. 🇧🇷
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