Nederlands Level 3 (A2-)

Deze cursus brengt je van level A1 naar A2-. We spreken alleen nog maar Nederlands en leren over het gebruik van de verleden tijd voor beschrijvingen, scheidbare werkwoorden en nog veel meer.
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Starts on July 15th

How does it work?

Personal Guidance

  • Personal feedback on assignments
  • Reach your teacher outside class hours

12h of group classes

  • Mostly speaking
  • Interactive and engaging, you won't get distracted

1 private session

  • Focus on things you struggle with
  • In-depth feedback

Self-study modules

  • Clear explanations
  • Interactive and fun assignments
  • Well-structured and professional

Dates, Duration & Price

The course starts on the 15th of July.

The course consists of:
  • 6x group classes on Monday nights from 19:30 to 21:30 CET.
  • 1x 30min private sessions.
  • 5 detailed and interactive self-study modules.

Group classes are on:
  1. July 15
  2. July 22
  3. July 29
  4. August 5
  5. August 12
  6. August 19

Online Course

Starting date

15th of July


6 weeks

Group classes

Mondays 19:30 - 21:30


Small groups of 4-8 people


€289 all incl.

What should you already know?

To join the Nederlands level 3 course, you should know about 80% of the following:
  • Compare things
  • Talk about clothes and colors
  • Talk about food and the menu
  • Expressing your opinion
  • Describe your house or apartment and furniture
  • Talking about your body and personal care
  • Talk in the past (i.e.: Ik heb gewerkt, Ik ben gegaan)
  • Use "niet" en "geen" in sentences
  • Use adjectives, comparatives and superlatives
  • Use prepositions of place and position verbs
  • A slight understanding of the word "er".
If you're not sure, book an intake call in which we will assess your level.

What are we going to learn?

In Nederlands Level 3 we're going to speak Dutch on an intermediate level. We will learn how to express ourselves and describe experiences. You will be able to express yourself, describe experiences and use more complex sentences.

Vakantie en reizen

We're going to talk about our preferences and past holidays and describe our experiences.

Trainen en sporten

We're going to learn everything about sports and working out. We will also follow a personal training.

Steden beschrijven

We're going to learn how to describe cities and compare cities to each other.

Reizen met het OV

We're going to talk (and complain) about public transport in the Netherlands.

Tweedehands fiets kopen

We are going to buy a 2nd hand bike (as cheap as possible ;))


We're going to talk about dating and dating culture in the Netherlands.