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Digital product, but printable

Conversation Cards

Practice Dutch with your native partner, colleague or friend.
  • Speak Dutch with a native focused on your level
  • Instructions on how to best practice with a native
  • +600 questions over 30 different topics (bundle)
  • Designed for A1 to B1 level Dutch learners
  • Paper-free, easy to use format for on-the-go-practice

Max out your practice

A big part of our students have a Dutch partner, friend or colleague they don't practice Dutch with. This is a hige waste of free practice and lots of fun!
  • All questions are divided over A1, A2 or B1 level, so you understand them while still learning new vocabulary
  • Questions are divided over relevant topics so you actually know what to talk about and can keep the conversation going
  • Get a guide in how to best practice with a native speaker
  • Practice with your partner, mother-in-law, friend (if you have any)
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One level or take all

A1 (Digital)

✅ +200 unique questions
✅ Start Dutch conversations
✅ Designed for A1 Dutch

A2 (Digital)

✅ +200 unique questions

✅ Covers daily topics
✅ Designed for A2 Dutch
B1 (Digital)

✅ +200 unique questions
✅ Speak with natives
✅ Designed for B1 Dutch

3 pack - Gesprekskaartjes A1, A2, B1 (Digital)

+600 unique questions
✅ Practice with natives
✅ A1, A2 & B1 Dutch

I really needed this to practice with my wife. We tried practicing but never knew what to talk about that fitted my current level. No we practice a bit almost every day.
100% a game changer. Use it every weekend to practice with my Dutch friends with some good laughters and drinks.
I've been using these with my boyfriend's mom whose English is not the best. Makes it so much easier and fun to connect with her now.