Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions SociaTaal
These are the general terms and conditions of SociaTaal ("SociaTaal"), a company with address at Schippersschoolstraat 12, Maasbracht. SociaTaal is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 81955987.
1. Applicability 


  1. These general terms and conditions apply to all services of SociaTaal, to every agreement that is established between SociaTaal and a User (as defined below) of our website www.sociataal.com (the "Website") and all legal relationships and (legal) acts arising therefrom. 

  2. By using the Website and the services of SociaTaal you accept to be bound by these general terms and conditions.

  3. The term "Users" means all natural persons who visit the Website, log on to the Website, and/or use, share and/or post information provided on the Website.

  4. SociaTaal will send the general terms and conditions free of charge upon request. The general terms and conditions are also available at www.sociataal.com.

  5. The above definitions are used in these general terms and conditions in both singular and plural.

SociaTaal offers an online platform for learning the Dutch language, offering course materials and providing courses.
2. Use of Website


  1. User must comply with Dutch and other applicable laws or regulations when using the Website. 

  2. User may not distribute the following through the Website: 

    1. Plagiarism and/or previously published content;

    2. Pornographic videos, images or other media with an erotic content; 

    3. Texts or images that are offensive, racist, discriminatory or hateful; 

    4. Unsolicited advertising (spam); 

    5. False or misleading information; and/or

    6. Viruses, malware, spyware or other software designed to cause damage to our or other Users' computers. 

  3. User may not create an account under someone else's name or otherwise impersonate someone else. 

  4. User may not solicit other Users for commercial purposes other than those for which the Website is intended. 

  5. If User wishes to report another User abusing the Website, User may send a message to koen@sociataal.com

  6. SociaTaal reserves the right to modify or omit any information provided to User before it is made known to Users and/or published on the Website. 

3. Account


  1. User must be at least 16 years old to create an account. 

  2. User must protect the login details of his account from others. 

  3. User needs to keep his password strictly confidential. SociaTaal may assume that everything that happens on or with User's account is done by User or under User's supervision. 

  4. If User thinks or knows that his account is being abused, User should report this to SociaTaal as soon as possible. SociaTaal will then take appropriate measures. 

  5. The User is responsible for his/her conduct and any data, text, files, information, usernames, images, photographs, profiles, graphic art, copyrighted works, links and other content or materials. 

  6. User is solely responsible for the confidential data he provides to SociaTaal or for the omission of confidential data.

  7. SociaTaal is entitled to determine, at its sole discretion, whether an account will be provided. 

  8. SociaTaal has the right to modify or delete accounts, profiles, data and other information at any time. In addition, SociaTaal has the right to deny Users access to the Website for a limited or indefinite period of time.

  9. If SociaTaal believes that User violates the law or these general terms and conditions, SociaTaal can exclude User (partially) from the Website. SociaTaal can exclude the User from the Website, for example, by: 

    1. deleting the User's account; or

    2. blocking parts of the Website for the User.

 4. Rates and payment

  1. All prices charged by SociaTaal are inclusive of VAT or Exempted of VAT.

  2. SociaTaal subscriptions are offered at a fixed monthly rate. The cost of a subscription will be paid monthly by direct debit. 

  3. The duration of the subscription is indefinite. The subscription can be cancelled monthly after the first tacit renewal.

  4. In case of non-payment or late payment, the User will be in default by operation of law without any notice of default being required. In that case, as from the date on which the payment became due, the User shall owe statutory interest until the date of full payment, whereby interest on part of the month shall be calculated over a full month. 

  5. If a User is in default, for example because amounts owed cannot be collected by SociaTaal, SociaTaal is entitled to close down the account of the User in question.

  6. SociaTaal is authorized to increase the rates if:

    1. The case of statutory price increases;

    2. Within three months of the conclusion of the agreement and this is the result of statutory regulations or provisions; and/or

    3. From three months after the conclusion of the agreement, if the increase is not unreasonable.

5. Liability

  1. SociaTaal is not a party to the agreements reached between Users and is therefore not responsible for the agreements between Users. In the event of a conflict, Users should resolve this themselves.

  2. SociaTaal will only be liable for direct damage caused by gross negligence or intent on the part of SociaTaal and up to a maximum of the amount of the invoice or an amount of € 500, if the invoice amount is higher than € 500.

  3. SociaTaal is not liable for any damage that is or may be the result of any act or omission as a consequence of the information on the Website or on

    1. linked websites, including inaccuracies; and/or

    2. inaccuracies in the information made available by us.

  4. SociaTaal is not responsible for any errors and/or irregularities in the functionality of the Website and is not liable for any breakdowns or the unavailability of the Website for any length of time for other reasons.

  5. For the protection of data of Users and third parties, SociaTaal will take all care that may reasonably be expected of SociaTaal. SociaTaal will not be liable for any loss of data or unauthorised access to data arising despite the care taken by SociaTaal. SociaTaal will also not be liable for any loss of data or unauthorized access that occurs during the transmission of data over public networks or when using third-party networks and systems.

6. Intellectual property rights

  1. You may not modify the source code of the Website, create derivative works from it, decompile it or otherwise obtain or edit it, except as expressly permitted under an open source license or when express written permission has been obtained. Any attempt to do so is a violation of SociaTaal's rights. 

  2. The SociaTaal name and logo are trademarks of SociaTaal, and may not be copied, imitated or used in whole or in part without prior written permission from SociaTaal. In addition, headlines, images, button icons and scripts, service marks, trademarks and/or figurative marks of SociaTaal may not be copied, imitated or used in whole or in part without prior written permission from SociaTaal. 


7. Complaints

  1. Complaints submitted to SociaTaal will be answered within a period of 5 working days, calculated from the date of receipt.

The right to a (partial) refund of the price or compensation will lapse if the complaint is not reported within the specified period, unless the nature of the case dictates a longer period.

8. Engaging third parties

  1. SociaTaal is entitled to call in third parties where necessary in the performance of its services. SociaTaal is not obliged to inform the User of this personally. Use of the SociaTaal services implies that the user authorizes SociaTaal to accept, also on behalf of the user, any limitations of liability of third parties.

  2. SociaTaal will take the utmost care in engaging third parties. However, SociaTaal cannot be held liable for the acts or omissions of these third parties, unless there is evidence of intent or gross negligence on the part of SociaTaal.

9. Invalidity
Should any provision of these general terms and conditions prove to be void or non-binding, SociaTaal and the user will remain bound by the other provisions of this deed. SociaTaal will replace the void or non-binding provision(s) by a provision that is/are binding and whose purport corresponds as much as possible to that of the provision(s) to be replaced, taking into account the purpose of these general terms and conditions.
10. Amendments
SociaTaal reserves the right to amend, supplement and/or change these general terms and conditions unilaterally at any time without any obligation or notification to Users. The most recent version of the general terms and conditions can be found on the Website. By visiting the Website, User is informed of the current general terms and conditions.
11. Other provisions

  1. SociaTaal may at any time make changes to the design or operation of the Website, including the underlying technical mechanisms.

  2. These general terms and conditions apply not only to SociaTaal, but also to other persons who are involved or have been involved in the use of services or on whom any liability rests or could rest in connection therewith. This also applies to their legal successors under general title.

12. Applicable law and choice of forum
All Agreements, the General Terms and Conditions and all non-contractual rights and obligations arising therefrom shall in all respects be governed by Dutch law.