Nederlands Level 2 (A1+)

Take your Dutch next level. Whether you're looking for smoother interactions with your colleagues, aiming to integrate more seamlessly into life in the Netherlands, or simply eager to expand your circle of Dutch friends, this course is your next step.
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Starts on the 16th of July

How does it work?

Personal Guidance

  • Personal feedback on assignments
  • Reach your teacher outside class hours

12h of group classes

  • Mostly speaking
  • Interactive and engaging, you won't get distracted

1 private session

  • Focus on things you struggle with
  • In-depth feedback

Self-study modules

  • Clear explanations
  • Interactive and fun assignments
  • Well-structured and professional

Dates, Duration & Price

The course starts on the 16th of July.

The course consists of:
  • 6x group classes on Tuesday nights from 19:30 to 21:30 CET.
  • 1x 30min private sessions.
  • 5 detailed and interactive self-study modules.

  1. July 16
  2. July 23
  3. July 30
  4. August 6
  5. August 13
  6. August 20

Online Course

Starting date

16th of July


6 weeks

Group classes

Tuesdays 19:30 - 21:30


Small groups of 4-8 people


€289 all incl.

What should you already know?

To join the Nederlands level 2 course, you should know about 80% of the following:
  • Introduce yourself
  • Talk about family
  • Describe someone's physical appearance
  • Read the clock and tell the time
  • Order and pay for food and snacks
  • Doing groceries and asking questions in the supermarket
  • Use personal pronouns (ik, jij, hij, zij, wij etc.)
  • Conjugate verbs in the present tense
  • Formulate simple sentences and questions
  • Use the verbs moeten, willen, kunnen, mogen, zullen
  • Talk about the future
  • Use adjectives (mooi/mooie) 
  • Use plurals
If you're not sure, book an intake call in which we will assess your level.

What are we going to learn?

In Nederlands Level 2 we're going to continue building on the foundation you've built in the previous course or on your own. You will be able to understand Dutch better and you will learn to talk about the past tense.

How to learn Dutch?

We're going to build a strong base by learning how to actually learn the Dutch language in an effective way.


We're going to learn a lot of handy vocabulary and conversational skills to talk about our house, it's interior, layout and accessories.

Kleding kopen en ruilen

We're going to learn how to communicate, ask for help, express your opinion and change and return clothes in a store.

Je mening en voorkeur geven

We're going to learn how to express things you would like, can, must, shall and may.

Uit eten gaan

We will learn how to make a reservation in a restaurant, order food, express our opinions about food, tip the waiter and pay the bill.

Gezondheid en persoonlijke verzorging

We're going to learn how to talk about health, how we stay healthy and our personal care.